Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Food Challenge

Things have been changing around here again in the means of food. I have become aware of the fact that I am not tolerant of eggs as well, and we are waiting to see if G has more allergies. So it adds more questions of what is going to be for dinner tonight?
So tonight I opened up a bag of sweet potatoes I had purchased and started peeling and cutting. I sliced them into large steak fries and put some sea salt on them. I then got some burgers and put some onion powder, garlic powder, and white pepper on them and started cooking. I have the fries on 425 and it take about 20 mins. The burgers I have learned to keep from breaking them up and smashing the mess out of them adding a lid to them works wonders. We add the appropriate cheese to each patty and ketchup and mustard as wanted. Though I regret that we do not have lettuce and tomato right now.

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