Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shopping challenge

Yes that's right shopping. Oh the joys of shopping esp when you have four kids and you know at least one of them is going to go with you. So how do you plan shopping? Well what I have been doing doesn't seem to be working so I have to change it again. So here I am doing it all out in the open.
So how is that going to work you ask? I'm honestly not completely sure. I have recently purchased a membership to Sam's Club hoping to aid in my shopping. We are starting to follow actual serving suggestions instead of just what we want to eat. I have been buying the paper again, clipping coupons, and taking my reusable bags where it will help (Target and Whole Foods). Yet still with the allergies we have to avoid it makes it very hard to make the budget last the whole month.
So what do I do now? Our foods to avoid are dairy, soy, oats, gluten, chocolate, and eggs. We are waiting to see if there our other allergies as well.
I know that I can go to Whole Foods use one of their coupons and a manufactures coupon on the same product. I can also get a case and get a discount for it. I can also apply both coupons to every item in the case and that help. But I do not have many items I have found that are going to get used in case sizes or that I can get coupons on. So even with this knowledge what do I do?
I am going to be working on it and brain storming. If you have any ideas please comment with them below.

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