Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homeschool Challenge

So yesterday we did something new. I had gotten a news paper from Sunday for coupons, and D had been messing with it and looking at it for a while. So yesterday I decided to use it for a tool. I got out the colored pencils and he marked the proper nouns with yellow pencil, acronyms with green, contractions (there was only one) with brown, and words he knew with blue. He then wrote down the words he knew on a different paper.
We also went on a nature walk in the woods (didn't even think to bring the camera for that). We listened to the sounds and named the animals we heard, names the types of trees, named the rocks (pebbles, stones, rocks), watched how squirrels jumped tree to tree, held nuts in their mouth, and saw a beaver dam. The kids loved it. 

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