Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to organize your coupons

So there are many ways to do your coupons. I used to be one of those that had a binder full of baseball card holders and would clip them all put them in their own holder in the order of the isle and expiration date, and have to change it every week. This is very time consuming though many say it is the best way. I have recently been reading about other ways because with four kids, doctors apts, church, and so on I am to busy to spend the time it takes to do this. I think I'm going to start a new way. I'm going to get page protectors (yes I still have my baseball card holders, but they will only be used here and there if at all) and every time I get a new weeks paper I'm going to get all the same coupon sheets (for instance this week was P&G but there are many pages to the P&G so I'm going to line up the pages and split them apart and have a sheet) and put them in their own page protector  Right now until I figure out a better way I will use sticky notes to label them which week I got them so I know which is oldest, and then look and watch for sales and coupon match ups. Like I said before I'm still learning and with not having a lot of time I am closely watching The Krazy Coupon Lady and I might go back to also looking at the Coupon Mom to see if they say different things.

I would be posting pictures and will try to again when I figure out a way. My laptop went to the grave last week so I can not just upload them. I have a computer and iPad in the house but nothing that will take the SD card.

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