Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I just got $13.95 physican's formula bronzed for $1.82!

So I was turned on to the chance to free makeup by The Krazy Coupon Lady. Well I had to go see it myself. So I go into Rite Aid after printing off the $4 coupon and look for the sale. I'll be honest I have not been to a Rite Aid before. So after looking for a good bit I go and get a ad and find that there are certain things that are on sale for 40% off. Well bronser was one of them. There was one for 13.95$ on sale for 8.35$. On the bronser there was a coupon for 3$ off. I went and asked a associate if they stacked coupons and she said yes. So when it was all said and done (after I signed up for a Rite Aid card) I got some makeup for 1.82$.

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