Thursday, January 24, 2013

I went to Kroger and paid nothing

Today I went to Kroger, and was for the first time ever the person that people were looking at cause I was causing a commotion because they could not pay be money according to the policy.

Here is what I got today:

Transaction #1
1 Good N Natural bar -$1.19

Free Good N Natural Bar

Tax : $0.08
I went to pay with my card but she said that she didn't want me to use my card for just $0.08 and that she would cover it.

Transaction #2
9 Good N Natural Bar - $1.19 
Wolfgang Puck Coffee - $1.00
1 Kettle Chips - $2.79 
1 Quintia Bag of Apples and Grapes - $1.00
2 Quintia Bag of Apples and Carmel -$1.00
1 So Delicious Coconut Milk - $3.44

First my coupons
9 free Good N Natural Bar coupons (insert)
2 $1/1 Wolfgang Puck Coffee (printed)
1 $0.50/1 Kettle Chips coupon (printed)
1 $0.55/1 So Delicious product (printed)

Next sales
Good N Natural Bars - $1.19 - $0.89 with card. Sale of buy 10 get $5 off so $0.39. They rang up $1.19 (so that's what the cashier took off)
Kettle Chips were also on the 10/$5
So Delicious was on sale for $2.99

When it was all said and done it said they owed me $0.13, so I told her to to the $0.08 toward that. She went to get a CSM and they said they couldn't pay me and was going to take off a coupon. I said no just don't pay me it's okay. So he just closed it out, and out I went. 

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