Monday, January 7, 2013

Yesterday I saved a total of $286.31!

I saved $261.16 at Kroger, $12.60 at Whole Foods, and $12.55 at Walmart.

This week Kroger is having a buy 5 save $5 which included Kellogg's cereal, Old Spice deodorant, and Herbal Essence. They also have Collgate on sale 10/$10. They also have Quaker Oatmeal on sale 2/$4. They also had a promo on Lean Cuisen that you buy 6 at $1.99 and you get a free 48 oz tub of Edy's ice cream, and in Memphis the milks were 2/$3 on a half gallon. I also had a Catalina for a free dozen eggs, $2 off of any $10 spent on freezer food, and some more that I have not used yet because of some reason they did not double. I also had a printed coupons for $2/2 Silk Almond Milk half gallons.

I had $!/2 Kellogg coupons and some $1 off yogurt or fruit with two Kellogg cereals. I also had a coupon for $1/2 Quaker products. Then there was $1/2 Q in the P&G on Old Spice. There was also a $1/1 on Herbal Essence in the P&G. Then in the SS there was $0.75/1 on any Collgate, and a $1/5 Lean Cuisens. I got two half gallons of Silk in a box for $5.98. While I was there I also found managers special meat which included Tennessee Pride fully cooked sausage patties ($0.99), Jimmy Dean fully cooked turkey sausage links ($1.99), Jimmy Dean fully cooked sausage crumbles ($1.99), and Oscar Myer Black Forest Ham deli meat ($1.99). So my total (in all transactions) before discounts, sales, and coupons was $419.66 and only paid $158.50!

At Whole Foods I went in with a game plan and was good and did not get off of it to much. I got 2 Zevia sodas that were on sale for 2$8 used a printed manufactures Q for $1/1 and a WFQ for $1/1. I got two So Delicious coconut creamer at $2.39 each with a man Q for $1/1 and a WFQ for $0.55. I got 5 almond milk yogurts at 5/$5. They had a sell on some tubs of hommus that I was not expecting so I got three at $1.50 each (though it did say 2/$2.99 but I was not going to fight a penny). I got three soy yogurts at $1.29 each. I also got 4 Luna Protein Bars at $1.29 each with a WFQ for $2/4. I also got a $0.10 discount for having my own bags. Making my previous total $45.42 and my ending total $32.82!

I went to Walmart for my basics so didnt save as much there I feel. I did have coupons for buy three infant food pouchs from Earths Best and get one free. Again I got some Collgate (they have some for $0.94). I had $1/4 off of Gerber Graduates 2+. I priced matched Kroger's sale on Lean Cuisen for $1.99 on the Lean Cuisen salad inspriations that had a coupon in the SS for $1 off each. I have two other coupons that I can not remember what they went to. I also had $7 of coupons that would not scan for some reason.

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