Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday was a long day

So I missed a day of posting again. :( I had an apt for LC at 08:00, had to go get a prescription filled, and we had to return library books so of course I didn't get home till after 15:00. We went to a different library than usual and the kids loved it. The children's section had benches that looked like book spines, a pillow seat that looked like and open book, and one that looked like a giant eraser. The bookshelves made a square and it had its own bathrooms so we were there for two hours. Each child got two books, and I got Charlette's Web by E. B. White to read to the kids at bed time. The kids have already had all their books read to them. I am so blessed that my chi Dream love books and reading. On Thursday I has posted wondering what in the world we would eat for dinner. I ended up making sliced cucumber (a big plate of two cucumbers that the kids could eat freely through out the evening) and egg omlet muffins. A recipe I found on pintrest. :) Everyone enjoyed them. Tough I am still cleaning the pans I made them in even though I greased them. :/ So not sure if it will be a repeat.

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