Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's Cleaning Challenge

I had to deal with the cleaning challenge no mom or dad or caregiver even ever wants to deal with, that's right poop. Ugh it was so bad. TR was letting me sleep this morning and I was right in the middle of a great dream. Why was it great you ask? Because it was a dream. That's right right now anytime I can dream no matter how messed up they may be I welcome it because most of the time I do not get that much sleep. Well anyway back to the story. I was dreaming and TR comes to the door and says sorry but you have to get up. A short grumble and sigh later I ask why. He responded that during the night GM must have taken his diaper off and now the beds, pillows, him, his brother, and more was now covered with poop and the diaper was not. Lovely. So I get up and am tasked with the room while he cleans the boys. So I take off everything of the bed and head to the washer. The first load was fine: daddy doll (in case you are not sure what this is it is a military clothed doll that you can put the soldiers face on), pillow pet, pillow case, sheet, and diaper (we cloth diaper and it was wet). First I rinsed them and then washed them. After they were done I put them in the drier and put the pillow and mattress cover (kind of pillowy (I know not a real word but do not know how else to say it)) in. I set them to rinse and let. I come back to put them to wash and the carpet out side the laundry room is soaked, the laundry room floor is soaked in a gross colored water and such. Ugh this just isn't getting much better. I took the pillow out and looked and I guess because the pillow is so fluffy it was to full. When I turned the water on again to wash it was not spraying from the filling up, so I guess I was right and it could not empty correctly. So now not only do I have to finish nasty laundry, but I have to clean a nasty floor as well. This is definitively not the cleaning challenge I wanted today.

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