Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Today's Cleaning Challenge

Today's cleaning challenge is laudry.
Yeah that's right laudry, and in this home it never ends. With six members each wearing clothes, the towels and rags to clean, and the cloth diapers on the two youngest I am doing laudry daily. Well I should not say doing I honestly have no trouble washing clothes. We don't really use our hamper I tell the kids to just throw their dirty clothes in the washer and when its full I run it. I then move it to the drier and whala clean clothes. My issue is folding them. I absolutely HATE folding clothes. Right now my couch and rocking chair in my room is covered in clean (now wrinkly) clothes. We have all gotten used to just looking through the pile of clothes finding what we want/need and then getting dressed, changing a diaper, taking a sower/bath, and so on. So today I'm challenging to fold and put away (the older two do theirs) all the clean clothes. Hopefully before I go to bed tonight it will all be done.

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