Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday's Challenges

Well today TR had school so we rode with him to visit my mom. The kids really enjoyed it. We then went back to pick him up and headed back home. We had breadless blackened ham and cheese (we use vegan rice cheese) sandwiches with rice cakes and clementines for lunch and then everyone took a nap. DS and I slept until 17:45 so I got up and made dinner. I made some things I found on pintrest: pizza balls and buffalo chicken rollup. The family loved it. Then the kids had popsicles for dessert. Afterwards we had a great life lesson, its okay to play in the rain. We were outside playing frisbee and it started raining. At first they started saying something and I told them it wouldn't hurt them and it was okay and they loves it. (It was only sprinkling not pouring)

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